Star Phantom

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: May 31, 2017

Download Funsize Game: Windows Windows

Created in 24 hours, Star Phantom is a surreal reverse-asteroids clone where you destroy space rocks and harvest their innards. You are The Star Phantom, hunted by The Star Phantoms. Build to ramming speed and break apart asteroids to harvest from them as many delicious chunks as you can. Strange skulls will appear to try and steal away your chunks. Send them hurling into one-another to end
them, but be careful – they’re dangerous to the touch while calling for them chunks.

SEIZURE WARNING: This game contains flashing lights and intense movement that may trigger
epileptic seizures in a small percentage of individuals. If you are predisposed to this
condition, please be advised that this game may not be suitable for consumption.

Thank you.

Up Arrow: Thrust Forward
Left/Right Arrows: Turn Ship
Escape: Reset Game