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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Hey, are you the band?
    A: There’s several distinct musical groups that refer to themselves as ‘The Layabouts’ or ‘Layabouts’. We aren’t any of them. Sorry to disappoint! We make games instead, although there’s nothing wrong with liking all of us! Perhaps some day our video game company can join forces with these various South African punk rock deep house interpretative dancers.
  • Q: So… you make games?
    A: Of course! What else would a bunch of freeloaders like us be up to? Seriously though, games are awesome and we want to be awesome too. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but we all absolutely love doing it.
  • Q: What’s your collective levels of experience doing this stuff?
    A: That’s a pretty loaded question to say, but then we’re the ones that asked it to ourselves so whatever. We’re all pretty much amateurs, going on this by the seat of our pants and all that, but of course we’re hoping to build our experience in the medium as we go for the most part.
  • Q: Who’s in charge of this merry brigade?
    A: We try to remain as impartial as we can about our process; pretty much everyone on the team gets an equal say as to what we work on and how we go about it. In a more grand capacity we’re currently overseen by Joseph Pierce, but beyond the daily goat offerings there’s not much reverence to it.
  • Q: Where are you idle fellows located?
    A: Everywhere! If it weren’t for the power of the internet this whole affair would be pretty unfeasable. We’re just thankful we weren’t born 20 years earlier. I’m not ready to be old yet.
  • Q: Huh, neat… can I be a Layabout?
    A: We’re not currently looking to hire anyone at the moment. However, we always love to hear from talented folks who are interested in working with us. If that describes you, see below.
  • Q: I’m a member of the press/interested in proposing a business arrangement with The Layabouts. What’s the best way to get into contact with you?
    A: We actually have a contact page, for just such an occasion. You can find it at the top right of the page, but if your mouse is tired, it can just click HERE instead.
  • Q: Can I “Let’s Play” your games?
    A: Absolutely. Some of our members actually have done Let’s Plays themselves – we’d be big fat hypocrites if we said no. Feel free to monetize, too. However, we do ask, regardless of whether or not you’re profitting from our game, that you link to the game’s homepage – the one that’s linked from the Games page above, preferably not another site like GameJolt or whatever – in your video descriptions or what-have-you, so that your viewers can check out the games for themselves. Thanks; we really appreciate your support!
  • Q: Wait a second!!! Why the name “The Layabouts”?
    A: Many of our core members had been associated with one another for several years before forming this group, though always as a loose collective in a broader community of people. We figured it was about time we started calling ourselves something, so ‘The Layabouts’ appeared; totally out of a sense of irony because we actually busy ourselves so much with work, and not at all out of a sense of shameful admittance.
  • Q: What’s the deal with your logo?
    A: It’s a little dude with a color-wheel head, lying down on the “bed” made out of the text. (The “The” is the pillow!) We don’t blame you if you didn’t get it at first glance – it’s not the most obvious design. As for why it’s a color wheel? I dunno, diversity or an artist’s palette or something. You decide!
  • Q: Do you have any friends?
    A: Yes! You can find all of our friends at our handy dandy affiliates page, just over contact page and get in touch!