Back From The Beach

written July 23rd, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hey there everyone! Long time no see, eh?

Every summer for the past few years, we here at the Layabouts have been congregating to the far corners of the earth (usually my living room) for a grand old meetup we like to call Layabound. It's a chance for us to do some more hands-on work, as well as just generally hang out and be bros for a good couple of weeks. This year's Layabound just wrapped last week, and it was the longest yet.

Not only did we continue the time honored tradition of people sleeping in my living room, but we were also graciously provided with a lake-house venue for the bulk of the meetup. Lake Michigan was wonderful, it was great to see everyone again, and it was exactly the kind of refresher that we all needed now that we're coming down to the end of Doodle production. That said, this month-long vacation/work retreat has left us pretty quiet, and i'm sure you'd like to know how things have been going.

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Apologies for the downtimes!

written June 11th, 2014 by Zach Hinchy

Our site’s been having some very spotty connectivity during the past few days, and I’d like to offer my apologies. We’ve been running into various server troubles, and then there’s been some complications due to us moving to a better server (because of those troubles). Plus, the waits have been exacerbated by us being so busy working on The Legend Of Doodle that it tends to take a while for us to notice the site’s down.

Everything’s working well now, and our issues should be over for the foreseeable future. So thanks for bearing with us!

Hey all! We just released our 3rd musical preview for The Legend of Doodle. If you didn’t know, we’ve been putting up sample tracks for a couple of weeks now, and plan on releasing handful of other songs before & after the game is finished! You can check out all past and future tracks over at our YouTube Channel or on the media page of The Legend of Doodle website.