Been a long time since we shared some music from the game, hasn’t it? This was actually the final track created for the game, which means we have the entire soundtrack pretty much done (barring any adjustments and minor tweaks). It’s also one of our favorites, so please sit back and enjoy!

The Legend of Doodle looks a lot better moving at a smooth 60fps, so we’ve taken the time to update our trailers on Youtube to take advantage of their new 60fps uploads. Have a look!

A spooky update from a spooky man!!

written October 31st, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hey there folks! It's been over a month since our last major update, so I guess it's about time for another one!

Here's a scccaarrryyy thought: Because of our littleĀ ordeal with the map (as well as some other things), the remaining workload is looking very similar to how it was last month! Oh, It's lighter for sure, but all the familiar tasks remain. Still finishing up cutscenes, still polishing up boss fights, still playtesting, still generating art assets, and of course, still messing around with the user interface. We've been doing a lot of chipping away, but unfortunately haven't managed to completely finish up anything quite yet.

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