It’s been at least fifty years since we’ve done one of these Developer Postmortem things. So it’s about time for a new one! Here’s a little Postmortem vid for My Little Planet, one of our many Ludum Dare games, made in 2012 for the theme Tiny Worlds.

In case you missed it buried down in our birthday post, we released a brand new trailer for The Legend Of Doodle on Monday!

Can you believe we’ve been Laying About for FIVE YEARS?

written February 16th, 2015 by Joe Pierce

It's true! Today is our 5th anniversary here at The Layabouts. Happy birthday, everyone!

Every new year, I more or less have the same things to say: “Wow, it sure has been a wild ride for us!” “Has it really been that long?!” “The future sure is looking bright!” I think I'll spare you this time -  not because I disagree with any of those statements, but because they'd just be redundant at this point! Instead, I'm happy to announce that we're doing something a bit more special this year.


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