August, the month of daily Doodle updates!

written August 1st, 2014 by Joe Pierce


Greetings, everyone! As we power through to the end of development for The Legend Of Doodle, there’s a lot that has been (and will continue to be) running through our minds - a lot of things have changed over the past 4 years; All of the work that’s been done (and redone), the ups and downs of development, the change of scope, even our shift of focus as The Layabouts. It’s given us a lot to look back on, some of it positive, and some of it not so positive! The development of this silly little game has been one heck of a strange ride for us all.

With there being so much to talk about, we felt it was only fair for us to share it with the rest of you. And so, I’m happy to announce that today, August 1st, marks the start of “Doodle Month" here at The Layabouts! Every day for the next month, we’ll be posting something new about The Legend Of Doodle on all of our fine social media outlets. This will include a lot of new screenshots, but we’ll also share some sketches, concept art, videos, fun facts, and of course our musical previews. You can check out the first post (where we take a look at the process in making the game’s cutscenes) by clicking on this handy dandy little link!

I can’t guarantee that August will be the month of the game’s release, but we hope you all still enjoy the festivities regardless. It’ll be a good, terrifying opportunity for us to show everyone what exactly it is we’ve been doing with ourselves the past few years.

Collectems - Action Points Part 2: Currency Driven Combat

written July 30th, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hello there, and welcome to a brand new Collectems development diary. I know it's been a while since our last proper entry, but we've been very busy finishing up another project of ours. We're almost done though, so it won't be long before we can resume these Collectems diaries on a weekly basis!

A few entries ago we introduced the idea of Action Points. Today, i'd like to go into a little more depth about the system, and talk about how our ideas have changed over the past few months. Before, the idea was that every turn players would select one move for each of their Collectems, and had the choice of spending AP on an additional action for the turn, such as using an item or switching out. Now, instead of building this as a system to budget player actions, we plan on using AP to budget all actions during the fight, including those of the Collectems. This, of course, required some changes to how AP is acquired.


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Back From The Beach

written July 23rd, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hey there everyone! Long time no see, eh?

Every summer for the past few years, we here at the Layabouts have been congregating to the far corners of the earth (usually my living room) for a grand old meetup we like to call Layabound. It's a chance for us to do some more hands-on work, as well as just generally hang out and be bros for a good couple of weeks. This year's Layabound just wrapped last week, and it was the longest yet.

Not only did we continue the time honored tradition of people sleeping in my living room, but we were also graciously provided with a lake-house venue for the bulk of the meetup. Lake Michigan was wonderful, it was great to see everyone again, and it was exactly the kind of refresher that we all needed now that we're coming down to the end of Doodle production. That said, this month-long vacation/work retreat has left us pretty quiet, and i'm sure you'd like to know how things have been going.

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