The Legend Of Doodle - A Repeated Exodus

written October 17th, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hey there everyone. I thought I'd go ahead and try something different this week. Instead of detailing some features from the game, I'd like to go ahead and talk about a recent experience while developing the game. But in order to do this, we're going to have to dive into the realms of frustration!

You see, over the past couple of weeks, I've had to comb through the game files and perform 3 tedious and elaborate tasks for every single level in the game! With 600+ rooms to account for, you can see how this workload can stack up, and how that aforementioned frustration can start building!

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The Legend Of Doodle - I’m The Map

written October 9th, 2014 by Joe Pierce

This week’s update will be a quick one. We’ve been very busy, but I thought I’d go ahead and at least show you what we’ve been working on:


Behold! It’s the in-game map screen! 

Now, while The Legend Of Doodle may not be a Metroidvania, there are exploration elements, mostly involving secret areas. Because of this, we felt like a map would be helpful for players to keep track of what they’ve managed to discover so far, and would be a good way of tying the world together a bit more. Things will seem pretty flat if you don’t poke your head around at least a little bit, but there’s plenty to discover!

Collectems - How random is random?

written October 3rd, 2014 by Joe Pierce

Hey there folks! Today I'd like to talk about some of our plans for the randomized elements in Collectems. We've seen a lot of people online that are misinformed about our intentions (our fault for not explaining!) and figured it would be a good idea to clear things up.

So, when we say that Collectems is “randomized” what exactly do we mean, then? Well, for starters, the game world is not procedurally generated. We described the game as “roguelike-inspired” at one point, and while that's still very much true, it's lead to this assumption that's not entirely accurate. The locations in Collectems will all be hand designed, but many of them will feature a selection of possible ‘variations' that will be chosen at the start of a new file. Let me give you an example:

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