The Monday Method marches on with a musical preview from our latest Ludum Dare lovechild - a retro FPS by the name of “Shotgun Sammy and the Transmogrifiers from mars”.

Assume the role of the legendary shotgun wizard and battle an army of rival martian magi. More info soon!

The Monday Method returns with a new musical preview for The Legend Of Doodle! 

(For those not in the know, the Monday Method is where we share WIP development snippets from our current projects, sometimes exploring the changes or thought process behind the items in question.)

New Ludum Dare Game - Tamám Shud

written March 29th, 2016 by Joe Pierce

Hey there everyone, just a quick little update for you all today.

Back in December I participated in the Ludum Dare 48 hour game competition. The theme ended up being a tie between “Two Button Controls” and “Growing”, and I mostly ended up leaning towards the former with my entry.

Anyway, that entry turned into the short narrative game Tamám Shud - which I have since updated and released on our various channels. This was my first time participating in Ludum Dare solo, and while the game isn't much, I'm fairly happy with what I was able to accomplish by myself. It's fairly short, ten minutes at the absolute most, so if you've got some time to spare I's say check it out!