Celebrating 15+ years of PuzzPack (and over 5 years since our release of Block Dude X) - join Joe and Hinchy in this new postmortem as they crate their way through the world of yesterday.

Block Dude: Herald of Updates

written November 20th, 2016 by Joe Pierce

Hello there! I come bearing news and the gift of crates.

So, we recently published an update for Block Dude X. In addition to adding a small bit of new content, this update bumps the game's frame-rate to 60 fps (up from 30) and also includes a few other minor technical improvements. But Block Dude X is a fairly old game, one of our oldest in fact. So you might be asking yourself “why Block Dude, and why now?” Well, to be honest, this is actually an update we've (mostly) been sitting on for a while and just weren't ready to publish until now. But… that's not even the main justification for this most untimely of enhancements.

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Cylor Vs. The Bullets From Hell

written October 31st, 2016 by Joe Pierce

After a years-long sabbatical, Cylor returns in another action-packed struggle against an all-too-familiar antagonist. WELCOME TO HELL!!

That's right; to celebrate Halloween this year, we're releasing a brand new game for some super spooky times. I'm a big fan of the holiday, so I've always wanted try and do more things in the spirit of the season (hence our previous post featuring the bizarre “Halloween In May” theme), so thankfully things lined up in such a way this year that we were able to make it happen. And I must say I'm glad it did, because this project is one of my proudest, personally.

This wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of both Hinchy and Nate, the later of whom actually started this project as a prototype for school back in February. It was surprisingly far along back then, even if it did lack the presence of the now titular hero, but we spent the better part of these last few weeks pushing it even further. It's polished up, fully featured, and ready to drag you kicking-and-screaming into the shadowy unknown! Please note that this initial release is only for Windows operating systems, but we plan to produce an updated build for Mac (and more?) in the near future.

So, without further ado: please enjoy this most wonderful of nightmares. We'll see you in Hell!

(Also who, what? Doodle?! Collectems?!? Shh!! You'll hear about those soon! Sit down and eat your candy.)