From The Grave - Let Me Die

written May 31st, 2016 by Joe Pierce

Greetings immortals! Today is May 31st, 2016. You know what that means, don't you?

That's right! It's the often overlooked not-really-a-holiday holiday I like to call, Halloween in May. To celebrate this most spooky of summertime events, I'd like to present to you all, for the first time ever, a public release of one of our canceled game prototypes.

Let Me Die (not to be confused with Suda51′s later announced Let It Die) was our attempt to build upon the foundation of our then-most recent Ludum Dare project, I Died. Back in 2013, we spent the better part of a few months toying around with this surreal little maze game. Originally we had considered simply adding some items and polish to the original LD48 project, and leaving it at that. But inspiration struck, as did perhaps a case of hubris on my part, and so off we went into the great unknown that was gory Pac-Man.

If only we'd know how things would go. It wasn't long before Let Me Die became a textbook example of feature creep. We got far too caught up in the idea of applying rogue-like elements to this genre, and ended up bloating the project with an excess of everything. Far too many enemies, items with an abundance of minor, useless, and often barely-noticeable (or intuitive) effects, and loads of annoying trap-door events. Seriously, I don't know what the hell we were thinking when we put in a random-chance for turrets to spawn in the middle of every stage.

All of this, in addition to us hopping engines a handful of times, proved too much. Tired, beaten, and bloodied in much the same way as our skeletal protagonist, we put the project to bed, and moved on to other things. Even so, there's something about the base ideas at work here that I still enjoy to this day. Maybe we'll return to this project down the road, but if that day ever comes, that game won't resemble the cacophony of ideas that is this prototype. At least, I'd certainly hope not.

And with that, I suppose there's little else for you to do but play the prototype for yourself. You can find the download for your platform of choice on the other side of this handy little link. Please be sure to read the included manual first before playing, as there's quite a lot to parse.

Enjoy yourselves, and I'll see you on the other side of the boneyard. Happy spooks!

In what will be our last musical preview for a while (been a lot of those, lately!) here’s a look at another wonderful tune from the Shotgun Sammy Original Soundtrack.

For next week’s Monday Method, we’ll change things up with a brand new feature! See you then.

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